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Amid Facebook’s Troubles, Message to Advertisers Stays Consistent

Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s head of global marketing solutions, at an industry event last year. Credit John Lamparski/Getty Images “I want to start off with our mission,” Carolyn Everson, the vice president of global marketing solutions at Facebook, said this week as she faced a crowd of marketers from the stage of a theater in Times Square. Ms. Everson was there to extol the potential of video advertising on Facebook site and its apps during the annual industry confab known as Advertising Week New York. Before opening a panel discussion, Ms. Everson highlighted Facebook’s recently established mission statement — “give...

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The Art of Storytelling Meets the Science of Data Analysis

All brands have a story to tell consumers, but telling it in a way consumers want to hear can be challenging. Marketers are taking advantage of their ability to use content and ad creative sequentially to present longer, more compelling messages to consumers. “The lines between content and advertising are blurrier than ever, thanks to the continued growth of native as well as the importance of paid channels for distributing marketing content,” said eMarketer analyst Nicole Perrin, and author of the new report “Storytelling in Sequence: How Brands Are Creating More Engaging Messaging.” (Subscribers to eMarketer PRO can access the...

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Should You Use Facebook Ads Or Boosted Posts?

Facebook has lessened organic reach and paid options are pretty much the way you reach more people. There are 2 options that business owners can do to gain momentum. Boost posts, the content you share on your page. Then pay for Facebook ads. Which requires a bit more thought and strategy as you can set audience, interest, and more. But how do you know which to focus on? Well, why not both? Promote only your own content It doesn’t help you to boost a post that is someone else’s content. Unless you are a corporate spy because it only...

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The Definitive Guide To Facebook Ad Formats

Most businesses understand the importance of switching up the headlines, images, and offers on their Facebook Ads, but many forget that they should also be diversifying their ad formats. Facebook Ads (and thus, Instagram Ads) come with a large variety of different placement options and ad formats. This works to your benefit—you can use different ad formats to keep your ads unique, engaging, and interesting. At the very least, you should test out different ad formats and see if they can be effective for you. In this post, we’re going to go over all of the different Facebook Ad...

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5 Secrets Revealed About China’s Virtual Reality Sector

VR-related revenues are expected to hit roughly $11.9 billion by 2021 Chinese media dubbed 2016 as the “birth year” of virtual reality (VR) in the country. Tech companies, including the big three—Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu—all sought to set up their own VR initiatives. China may become the first market to see mass VR adoption by consumers thanks to drivers like government support, a willingness by consumers to adopt new tech and a highly competitive environment that will force prices down and foster innovation. Here are five takeaways from a 2017 report on the state of VR in China from...

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